FLEUR is a tribute to the beauty and interrelation between nature and science that have amazed people for centuries. Exploration of mathematics as the language that explains the architecture of the physical world around us. Manifestation of what nature essentially is – complexity born from simplicity, beauty born from chaos, life born from matter. Where does one stop and the other start?



p5.js scrpt





Technical description

FLEUR is a generative art project generated in p5.js. All features are derived from the transaction hash, are deterministic and dimension agnostic, meaning that the same hash will generate the same output that will be consistent when executed in different dimensions.

The project itself is essentially a particle system emitted from a single emitter - flower center. The particles move through the canvas at a predetermined bezier-based path leaving a trace and painting a flower. On the function level, the particles are combined into petals, and petals are combined into layers. The color, transparency, stroke weight, and sometimes speed of the particle are reevaluated at each frame.

The type of the flower determines the number and configuration of petals and layers.

The feature variations are achieved by altering the particle speed, path, and behavior. Particle types determine flower material and, in some instances, texture and pattern. The particle types used in the project include: lines, points, circles, characters, polygons.

The final color is derived from the palette and the pattern, or a mix of palettes/patterns. The patterns range from organic gradients to completely artificial gradients and motifs like checkers, lines, cracks, spots, etc.

You can see some progress images and sample outputs on current page.

If you are interested in checking out the live script, see this link: FLEUR live.


This art is not currently available for sale. Contact me at hi@anapet.art for custom artwork

Minting of this NFT collection will be launched on Art Blocks on November 14, 12pm CDT

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