(prefix) /i-/
in an electronic form, especially computerized and digital

(noun) /ˈmoʊʃən/
the act or process of moving, or a particular action or movement

(noun) /ɪˈmoʊʃən/
a complex experience of consciousness, bodily sensation, and behavior that reflects the personal significance of a thing, an event, or a state of affairs


e.motion is a digital interpretation of the emotional qualities of color, movement, and fluidity.
This project condenses my exploration of various artistic forms, which study the unfiltered and raw expressions of human emotions and subconscious states, finding major inspiration in Abstract Expressionism and Stream of Consciousness literature.


Action Painting

The project was mainly inspired by the principles of Action Painting, which emphasizes the importance of the creative process and the act of painting itself. Rejecting traditional methods of brushwork, artists working with Action Painting embrace unconventional tools and techniques, often working on large canvases spread across the floor.

Energy, freedom, movement, spontaneity in the creative process generates genuine, unmediated expressions of emotion. In the world of action painting, emotions flow freely, turning the canvas into a live reflection of human experience.

Stream of Consiousness

Another major source of inspiration for this project was a literary technique named Stream of Consciousnes, an artistic form that encapsulates the essence of raw emotions, the ceaseless streaming of thoughts, and the flowing of the human psyche. It takes readers deep into the minds of characters, exposing their innermost thoughts, fears, desires, and anxieties. Much like the unrestrained application of paint on a canvas, stream of consciousness allows writers to expose raw, unfiltered emotions creating an intimate connection between characters and readers.

Stream of consciousness is a narrative style that attempts to capture the continuous flow of a character’s thoughts and inner experiences in an unfiltered and often disjointed manner. It immerses readers in the character’s mind, presenting a raw and intimate perspective of their inner world, complete with fragmented thinking, nonlinear timelines, and emotional depth. This technique provides insight into the character’s psychology, emphasizing the complexity of human cognition and emotion, and often blurring the lines between conscious and subconscious thought.

When expressed visually, these two artistic movements have a lot in common. Both methods allow for a spontaneous outpouring of creativity, emphasizing the fluidity of the artistic process. Both center around human perception in its deepest form, both try to express it as is, both appreciate the spontaneous, natural, uninterrupted flow of human essence.

“As I stand eyeing, a mere cipher in this moment, a transient visitor to a realm where time unwinds, each splash laying to the the infinite canvas, like memories lost in the labyrinthine corridors of my mind, I gaze into the abyss of the canvas, as threads of spacetime interweaving, webbing a narrative of existence, a fabric of life’s ceaseless streaming from past to future, methodical, expressive like autumn rhythm.

A face, a smile, a fleeting glance No.4, these moments are like birds in the sky, appearing suddenly, and back into the obscurity of memory. I see it, a face, a face that could be yours, and for a moment of joyce, it’s just a reflection of the echoes of the past. But then, it’s gone, lost in the swirling vortex of my Odyssey. I love autumn, love rain, drip, dloop, blop.

A river of emotions. Blend, shift, morph, drip. All mingling, merging. Canvas, a window into your soul. Paint connects, explodes, hides, bares a universe of experiences. A story unfolds, defying logic.

a distant hum, a universal heartbeat, vibrating, singing, a language of the soul, music, a sea of sound

faces faint
flashes fade
fabrics flake


Technical details

The digital canvas uses fluid dynamics simulations to replicate the behavior of liquid paint. The dynamics and physics of the digital paint and the digital canvas do not always follow the physical laws of the real world, creating visually unexpected imagery the interplay between fluidity and structure, the unpredictable harmony of chaos and order.

Following the conventions of emotion driven artistic techniques, the absence of predetermined structure is essential for this project. The element of chance is takes the central piece in the game, dictating the essentials of this project. The project has no preset palettes, and all color choices are purely generative with a major randomness factor. The structure of the paintings is also very loose, and is controlled by natural-ish forces: gravity, friction, momentum. This is layered by artist’s kinetic actions, like pendulum movements, broad sweeps and splashes, varying drip types and directions.

Each piece starts with an empty canvas, and with every stroke and drip, a story unfolds in front of viewer’s eyes. Application of various paint types with different properties, velocity, viscosity, creates unique patterns that would not be possible to create in a physical world. The underlying algorithm selects for each piece a unique combination of paint and stroke types, palette, canvas orientation, gravity settings, and external forces, making every e.motion a unique reflection of a certain moment of the infinite time-space realm. The continuous movement of paint eventually slows down and lets the viewer enjoy the footprint of the current e.motion, dwell upon it, enjoy it, and accept it.


The deliberate decision not to assign names or labels to the e.motions or its properties is based on the recognition that each individual’s emotional reaction is influenced by their own unique experiences, state of consciousness, and universal journey. Rather than directing a viewer toward a predetermined interpretation, the intention is to encourage a more personal and introspective engagement. Don’t think what you should be looking for, rather, listen to the voices of your mind, soul, and inner self, allow the organic connection with the e.motion let you know what you see.


The idea behind the project is to raise consciousness of emotional health.
In today’s busy world, it’s really important to understand, deal with, and accept your emotions. The project wants to show that every feeling is special – it’s a part of what makes us human. Sometimes, it’s good to just stop and get to see about how you’re feeling without judging, labeling, or even thinking. Letting the emotions just be.







This art is not currently available for sale. Contact me at hi@anapet.art for custom artwork

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